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"Respect All Fear None"

Recent Calls
Wed. Aug 19th 2015
At 2358 hrs the North Beth Fire District ( Richeyville 27, Ellsworth 38 & Lone Pine 50) & Medic 3800 (Bearcat EMS) was called to 2175 East National Pike at the Century Inn for a reported structure fire. Eng 27-1 called into service under the command of  Chief 27-1 (G Hagedorn Jr), ...
Sat. Aug 8th 2015
At 0629 hrs Eng Co 27, Stations 19, 15  & Medic 6100 dispatched to a reported structure fire at 824 Ridge Rd in Centerville Borough. Rescue/Brush 27 called in to service under the command of Asst Chief 27-1 (G Hagedorn Jr). Rescue/Brush 27 arrived on scene with heavy smoke showing and laid ...
Sat. Jul 11th 2015
At 14:58 hrs Eng Com 27 was dispatched to assist Station 15 on a reported structure fire in East Beth Twp.  Eng 27-1 called into service under the command on 2nd Asst Chief (C. Pohill).  Eng 15-1 on scene with a working structure fire, requesting Eng 27-1 to hit closet hydrant for water su...
Sat. Jul 4th 2015
At 21:36 hrs Eng Co 27, Station 19 with mutial aid from stations 15 (Fredericktown) & 61 (West Brownsville) to a reported structure fire in the borough of Centerville. Eng 27-1 called in under the command od 2nd Asst Chief (C. Pohill), Truck 27 Chief 27 (D. Pohill) and squad 27 1st Capt (O. Berc...
Fri. Jul 3rd 2015
Eng Co 27 was dispatched at 02:14 hrs in to West Beth Twp to assist Station 67 on a reported structure fire. End 27-1 called in to service under the command of 1st Asst Chief (G. Hagedorn) and truck 27 1st Capt (O. Bercosky). Eng 67 on scene confirming working fire. Eng 27 one second engine in to hi...
Executive Officers

President - James Dray

Vice President - Chris Egnosak

Secretary - Chris Pohill

Treasurer - Dave Sheets

Assistant Treasurer - Dylan Lamp

Chaplin - Patty Hagedorn

Assistant Chaplin - Danny Hagedorn

Hall Rentals

The Richeyville Volunteer Fire Company rents their hall out for all types of events.  The hall is approximately 5700 square feet.  Seating available up to 450 people, depending on the type of the event.  We have a full size bar area with an ice machine, refrigerator and a walk in cooler that houses the beer and tap system.  You are able to store additional supplies in the cooler also.  We do offer a full size kitchen to our renters for their caterers. Renters are not permitted to use any equipment in the kitchen without prior approval by the fire company.  At this present time, the members of the fire company are remodeling the hall. If you are interested in looking at the hall, please feel free contact the fire company. We have brochures available.

Line Officers

Chief 27 - Dave Pohill

Chief 27-1 - George Hagedorn Jr.

Chief 27-2 - Chris Pohill

Captain 27 - Owen Bercosky

Captain 27-2 - Gary Gizzi

Lieutenant 27-1 - Mark Miller

Lieutenant 27-2 - Brian Lynch

Upcoming Events
Every 1st Wednesday
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Richeyville Volunteer Fire Company Inc
14 Firehall Rd
Richeyville, PA 15358
Non-Emergency: 724-632-6390
Emergency: 911
Fax: 724-632-3273
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