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Welcome to Richeyville Volunteer Fire Company Inc

           The Richeyville Volunteer Fire Company was formed in April of 1949, making it one of the first fire companies in the area.  It is one of the fastest growing and progressive departments locally.  The department began in an old tin garage located on Armour Street Extension, with its first truck being a 1949 Federal 500 gpm pumper.

           In 1955, property was donated and a three bay garage was built at our existing location.  In 1959, a new American LaFrance pumper was bought and placed into service.  During these years the J & L Coal Company, donated an ambulance to carry sick and injured people to area hospitals.

          The 1960's brought more equipment, a 1960 GMC squad, a 1965 Cadillac Ambulance, a 1952 (purchased in 1968) Dodge Power Wagon, and a 1969 American LaFrance Pumper.

          Probably the biggest event of the 1960's was the admittance of new members from the Beallsville area.  Approximately 15 new members were admitted at one time.  Many other events occured during this time, but a significant one occured in 1967 when the Federal burned at a field fire.  The truck was totally rebuilt and placed back into service in just a short time.

         The 1970's were a time of great development for the department.  Additions to the building included a 7,200 square foot social hall, restrooms, kitchen, and a meeting room.  The social hall would allow more money to be raised through various activities.  New equipment added during this decade included Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), a 1977 Chevrolet Modular Ambulance, and a 1978 GMC Rescue Truck, and communications equipment.  Fund raising, public awareness and training took on a new perspective.

          In 1980, every member was issued full turn out gear consisting of helmet, boots, pants, and coats to replace the hip boots and coats previously worn.  This offered more protection to our firefighters.  The decade would be one of massive changes in equipment, finances, membership, and facilities.

         The building would undergo a major improvement costing approximately $150,000.00.  Two truck bays were added with heating and air conditioning,  bathrooms, a bar and storage space.  At the same time, the Company bought its first Tanker Truck.  It was a tractor for a trailer, converted into a fire company tanker.  Other equipment purchased throughout the 1980's included a 1984 Mack Pumper, a 1986 Ford Modular Ambulance, additional SCBA's a 1961 Dodge Power Wagon, and various other itmes.  Much of the old equipment was replaced or sold during this time including the 1961 GMC Squad, the 1949 Federal, and the 1959 American LaFrance (purchased by the East Bethlehem Fire Company).

          In September 1990, Richeyville Ambulance Inc. was sold to Ambulance and Chair Service of Washington, PA.  1994 brings early specifications of an Engine to replace the 1969 American LaFrance Engine and 1978 GMC Rescue.  September 15, 1995 the company took delivery of a new 1995 Pierce Dash Engine.  Spring of 1999 brings early specifications of a new Squad and Brush Truck.

         Fall of 2000 the company takes delivery of a 2000 Ford F-350 Squad which is used for transportation of man power.  Later the Squad is eventually equipped with an AED and BLS equipment; however, it is not state certified.  The Squad was purchased to replace the ambulance that was sold with the ambulance service.  December of 2001 brings a Pierce International Brush Truck which replaces the 1961 Dodge Power Wagon.  The 2000's also bring a 1966 American LaFrance Open Cab 100' Ladder Truck which was later taken out of service and replaced by a 1972 Sutphen 85' Tower.  In 2003 the building underwent construction to add on a new bar area, and storage space.  The old bar area was turned into a trophy case inside the social hall.

         The company is looking to replace the 1984 Mack/ 4 Guys and the 1977 Brockway/ 4 Guys Tanker with a new Engine.

           2008 brought a few changes to the company.  First, we purchased a Genesis Rescue Tool. It was placed into service in August and placed on Engine 27-1 along with a set of airbags  and air shores.  Second, with the last three pieces of apparatus purchased white over red, it was brought up to do the same wth the uniform patches.  When finally finished, the dress uniform is dark blue with red stripes on the pants.  Firefighters with less than 5 years will not have any stripes on the jacket sleeve.  Firefighters with 5 years will have one.  A stripe is added to the sleeve every 5 years of service.

         In July of 2011 the Genesis Rescue tool was removed from Engine 27-1 and placed on the Brush/Rescue 27.   Also in the summer of 2011, the members started to remodel the back hall.  The rear wall was phase one and it was completed in a few short months.  Hopefully, phase two will start in summer of 2012.  Spring of 2013 has arrived, the second phase of the back hall has started. On Thursday July 25, 2013 the Richeyville Vol Fire Co officially canceled our weekly bingo.  We had moved our bingo from Sunday's to Thursday's due to other organizations.  We beleive that bingo started over 57 years ago for us. We would like to thank everyone who played bingo over the years. On Wednesday August 5, 2014 a motion was made to sell the 1978 Brockway/4 Guys Tanker due to the condition of the body.  Also In the same meeting was to sell the 1984 Mack/4 Guys Heavy pumper also because of the condition of the fire body. On September 3rd 2014 a bid was received on the tanker. Motion was made to sell it to a Clarance Richey out of New York who is an avid truck collector.  We were also told that this Brockway was one of five still running. On Thursday Sept 18th at 21:00, Tanker 27 was taken out of service and on Friday the 19th it was loaded onto a flatbed to travel to its new home. On Monday July 22 2019 the members officially removed Engine 27-2 (aka Wagon 27) out of service. The 1984 Mack/4 Guys will be replaced by a 2016 Asphodel/Freightliner Tanker. Asphodel Fire Trucks went out of business in 2017. The truck was purchased by Brindlee Mountain. The truck was brought home on Friday July 26 2019 with work to be finished. October 7th 2019 the Tanker was put into full service.

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